To buy the cards 


1) Click on the (in the cart) button.

2) Click on the (checkout) button.

3) Verify that the number of items correct. Click on the button (next step).

4) Enter your name, surname and e-mail address and click on the button (next step).

5) Click the button again (next step), you will be directed to PayPal.

6) Enter your email address and password. Click on the (sign in) button.

You will receive an email


1) Once the payment is made, you will receive email with the attached files, ready to be downloaded.

2) Click on (file attachments) and the download will take place automatically.

3) It is not about home delivery. So there are no shipping costs.

PDF and GPX files


These are the files you will receive via email.

The PDF for easy reading.

The GPX you can see with a program dedicated to reading sheet music and cards.

Example GuitarPro6.

The third option is on request (available files  GP5  XML  MIDI).

Request the file at this address: 

Are you looking for a card not listed?


Send an email with the name of the song.

You will receive a notification as soon as it is ready.

This site is dedicated to all guitarists

who want to deepen the sound potential of their instrument,

proposing on their six strings

arrangements in which harmony, rhythm

and melodic lines

blend in a single execution.